Berry Refresh

We are proud to offer a unique opportunity. The Berry building is home to the area’s only high-risk obstetrics, perinatal center and Level III-B NICU all in the same facility. Opened in 1990 at MVH’s downtown campus, the first major renovation project in the building’s history is underway.

As part of a renovation, the center’s signature rotunda space is undergoing a complete makeover which will feature an exquisite custom-designed lighting art display. The display will feature 108 lights in the form of tulips, ranging in size from 12 to 30 inches wide. These lights are available for sponsorship.

Donations may be made in memory of a loved one, including the birth of a child, or to recognize physicians, nurses or other staff members who provided a positive family experience. Donors will be listed on a distinctive plaque to be placed in the rotunda. We will host a donor celebration event for the display in the spring of 2017.


There were 108 blossoms originally available for sponsorship – 36 each in three sizes. Reminiscent of an antique mirror, the opaque outer petals contain multiple layers of gold gilding. Please contact our staff to see what sizes are still available.

Blossoms are available in various stages of opening/blooming.
Large blossom: 30 inches $1.800.00
Medium blossom: 20 inches $1,200.00
Small blossom: 12 inches $600.00 [Sold Out]