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Ways To Give

There are a number of ways to donate to the MVH Foundation

Please contact us for more information on any of these giving options, or visit our donation page to make a contribution.

Gift Types

Direct Gifts  Cash Gift

Gifts in the form of cash, checks and credit cards are always welcome and very much appreciated. Non-monetary gifts are also gratefully accepted, including bonds and securities, real property, tangible personal property, gifts-in-kind and insurance policies naming the Foundation as the beneficiary in whole or part.

Matching Gifts  Matching Gifts

As a nonprofit organization, Miami Valley Hospital Foundation is eligible for employers' matching gift programs. A matching gift program will increase the impact of your initial donation. Please check with your employer for detailed information.

Memorial and Recognition Gifts

Memorial gifts provide a meaningful and lasting remembrance for loved ones. Recognition gifts serve as a way to celebrate a special occasion or to say thanks to a friend or colleague. Donations may be made as either an unrestricted gift, or may be designated for a specific purpose or department in the hospital. Acknowledgment of your generosity (amount not specified) will be sent to the family or honoree.

Restricted and Unrestricted Gifts

Contributions come to the Foundation in two ways:

Donations made for a specific purpose are restricted for use by that particular department, unit or program.

Contributions given for general use are unrestricted; that is, they may be used in the area of greatest need.

Once each year the Foundation’s board of trustees considers proposals submitted by departments from throughout the hospital. In a thorough and careful screening process — in consultation with hospital management — the Foundation board allocates unrestricted funds to programs and services that cannot be accommodated in the hospital's budget. Simply put, unrestricted contributions go to fund patient programs and services that would not be possible without private support.

The Foundation also receives restricted funds which are designated to specific programs or units.

Planned Giving

For many people, planning for the future is an extremely difficult task. This can be particularly true when the subject turns to estate planning. Many families simply do not believe they have an estate to be concerned about, while others want to leave a financial legacy but are unsure about how to begin the process.

Miami Valley Hospital Foundation offers a number of options in planned giving. Listed below are several ways you could provide a financially stable future for your family and Miami Valley Hospital through a planned gift.

Gift Annuity

In exchange for the irrevocable transfer of cash or securities, Miami Valley Hospital Foundation commits to paying the donor a specified amount for the life of the donor and the donor's spouse. This provides a current income tax savings and possible capital gains.

Deferred Gift Annuity

The same as a gift annuity — however the starting date for the annuity payment is deferred to some time in the future. These deferred payments may offer certain tax advantages.

Wills & Bequests

A gift to Miami Valley Hospital Foundation through a will permits you to retain all your assets during your lifetime and/or the life of your spouse. Designations may be for a percentage of your estate or for a specified amount. (If you have already included us in your will, we thank you!)

To include the MVH Foundation in your will, we recommend the following language: Miami Valley Hospital Foundation, 31 Wyoming St., Dayton, OH 45409, a 501(c)3 organization, in Montgomery County, Ohio.

Charitable Lead Trust

A Charitable Lead Trust may be appropriate to meet your financial goals if you have an ample income now but wish to retain ownership of the trust principal. Income will be directed to the Miami Valley Hospital Foundation for the specific term of the trust, after which time the principal will return to either you or those whom you designate.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust provides income to you and your spouse so long as either of you live. Thereafter, the trust principal will go to the Miami Valley Hospital Foundation. You may name other charities as principal recipients as well.

Life Insurance

When the added protection of an insurance policy is no longer needed, transferring the policy's ownership to Miami Valley Hospital Foundation can result in tax benefits for you, and a generous gift for Miami Valley Hospital. Miami Valley Hospital Foundation can also be included as a beneficiary, a contingency beneficiary or as owner of a new or existing policy.

Retirement Accounts

For those who may have significant retirement plan assets, potential estate and/or income taxes on any part of those assets can be avoided by making Miami Valley Hospital Foundation the beneficiary of any unused plan assets.

Ways to Give

Our Mission

To cultivate the community's support, assisting the hospital in providing superior quality of care and comfort for all.

Our Vision

Making a difference by joining a legacy of leadership to help assure the region's best comprehensive and specialty health resources are delivered with a human touch to benefit the entire community.