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Donor Funded Programs

The Funding Priorities Process
— Creating the Margin of Excellence for MVH Patients

Miami Valley Hospital Foundation uses the phrase "the Margin of Excellence" to identify programs funded by donor contributions that directly contribute to an improved quality of life. These programs would not be available if not for charitable giving.

Once each year the Foundation’s board of trustees allocates funding for patient programs that were not able to be covered under the hospital’s operating budget. Proposals are submitted by units and programs throughout the hospital. In a thorough and careful screening process — in consultation with hospital management — the Foundation board allocates unrestricted donor funds to make these programs available.

The MVH Foundation board of trustees allocated funding for the following programs for 2014:

  • MVH Lift Team
    The Lift Team assists nursing staff with moving patients including turning, repositioning, steadying and positioning patients during transfers. Patients trust the team to perform transfers safely and nursing staff benefits from greatly reduced numbers of back and related injuries.    
  • Diabetes Inpatient Team - Bull Family Diabetes Center
    Inpatients receive clinical diabetes management and education from physicians, nurse practitioners and diabetes educators based at the Bull Family Diabetes Center. Since diabetes is largely self managed, education is essential for effective day-to-day management of the disease. Education also helps to reduce the risk of possible long term complications and readmissions
  • CereTom portable CT Scanner
    Daily, critical patients have been transported to the CT department for follow up CT brain studies. These patients require extreme care in the transport process and are at risk for adverse events. The portable CT scanner can be brought in to the patient's room, surgery suite, emergency department or anywhere a CT brain study is needed eliminating the need for transport.


  • Palliative Care Program
    The interdisciplinary Palliative Care team provides compassionate relationship-based care for patients with advanced illness and those who are transitioning through the dying and bereavement process. In addition to continuity and integration of care, the team combines emotional, spiritual and psychological interventions with symptom management and compassionate educational support, to address the individual needs of each patient and their family.  
Donor Funded Programs

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To cultivate the community's support, assisting the hospital in providing superior quality of care and comfort for all.

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