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Abby’s Nook


Come and enjoy a delightful book
when you relax in Abby's Nook.
Abby likes to mew and purr and chat.
She is known as the noisy cat.
How many riddles can you get done?
Try Abby's puzzle book for fun.
Quite different from her start as a stray.
Abby now loves oodles of play.
Ask for Abby's coloring book, too;
If you want something else to do.
Its lots of fun, we hope you agree;
Abby's Nook is the place to be.

Miami Valley Hospital South has a dedicated spot near the Shaw emergency department to entertain its youngest guests. The area features furniture made to scale for young visitors, a 75-gallon salt water aquarium filled with colorful marine life and a library of books for children to read while they are waiting at the facility.

About Abby's Nook

Abby's Nook was made possible by longtime supporters, Karin Spicer and her husband Ed Blake. Karin is a published author of several children’s stories and is a strong advocate of childhood literacy. Ed is a past chair of the Foundation board.

The book nook is named after Karin’s gray and white cat, Abby, who is also the main character in two books she wrote for the center. A coloring book focuses on various experiences — such as taking medicine — that children may encounter at the center. An accompanying puzzle book focuses on hospital themes, including a story about the many uses of bandages. The coloring and puzzle books are given to youngsters who are treated in the emergency department, along with an ‘Abby’ stuffed toy.

The library books are intended for children to read in the waiting area.

Several photos of Abby taken and donated by MVH Foundation board member Ann Reynolds, are displayed in the reading area. The book shelves were donated in part by Vaughn Interior Concepts, a local family-owned business and participant in building the Miami Valley Hospital South.

Soon, Abby's Nook will be opening at Miami Valley Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit located on the hospital's main campus.

Abby the Cat

Abby was born on April 17, 2002 in Dayton, Ohio. She quickly became a VIC, a Very Important Cat. Abby is named after the cat in the children's book by Susan Yost-Filgate, Rip Squeak and His Friends. She enjoys watching the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks from her big picture window. Abby is a big talker. She lets her "people" family know when she wants more food and doesn't stop talking until one of them walks over to her food bowl. Abby was pleased that the children's libraries at Miami Valley Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (to be opened soon) and Miami Valley Hospital South Shaw Emergency Department are named after her because she loves books, especially laying on them.

Abbey's Nook

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